Importance of Optometry

The optometrist’s role goes beyond the correction of refractive errors such as long and short-sightedness using spectacles and contact lenses. It also includes detection and monitoring and treatment of eye disease, management of paediatric and age-related eye disorders, binocular vision problems, care of patients with low vision, offering advice on colour vision and assessing the role of vision at work and in sport.


The profession of optometry is a mixture of legal, educational, practice management, service delivery and public health initiatives that is unique to every country and based on culture, educational and regulatory frameworks. The aim of WCO is to promote the establishment of a common global standard of optometric care for the public benefit. Whilst optometry is more than just the correction of refractive error, refractive error is its core business. Uncorrected refractive error is the second highest cause of blindness and the main cause of visual impairment globally.


India needs approximately 115,000 optometrists to meet the demand of institutionally qualified & clinically trained eye care professionals to reach the goal of eradicating preventable blindness by the year 2020. Besides the advent of new technology in eye care, growth of super speciality hospitals and optical industry, which leads us to the facts that the demand and opportunities for optometrists is huge.


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