Course Structure

The Bachelor in Optometry programme is a full-time professionally accredited programme affiliated to the West Bengal University of Technology. Its program is approved by the Government of West Bengal. The college is a registered body under the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) and the course structure is standardised as per the latest guidelines. For further reference, please refer to the detailed course catalog.

Year One

(two semesters; six months each)

geometrical optics, general physiology, general anatomy, general and ocular biochemistry, professional communication , physical wave optics, ocular physiology, ocular anatomy, environment and ecology, computer fundamentals and programming

Year Three

(two semesters; six months each)

binocular vision & ocular motility, clinical refraction , contact lens, posterior segment diseases & neuro-eye diseases, low visual aids & visual rehabilitation, systemic conditions & the eye, public health, community optometry, biostatistics, professional practice, applied optometry & orthoptics

Year Two

(two semesters; six months each)

visual optics, lighting and the eye, microbiology & pathology, pharmacology (general & ocular), ophthalmic & optical instrumentation and procedures, clinical refraction, anterior segment diseases, dispensing optics

Year Four

(two sessions; six months each)

The fourth final year is set aside for internship. Students familiarize themselves with the various hospital and workup p rocedures as part of the curriculum.

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