Director's Message

Since it's inception in 1998, VCOVS was started as a dream project, when a group of like minded eye care professionals decided to create an institution to ensure a deep and lasting impact on the ongoing war against blindness in India. The role of optometrists is profound in a world where a simple eye examination and the need for a pair of spectacles can change a person's life, and vision-threatening conditions like diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma go undiagnosed; there is a desperate need for a proper comprehensive eye care examination and VCOVS has been dedicated to creating well trained and highly competent optometrists in the country to accomplish eradicating avoidable blindness.

With dedicated professionals, academicians and researchers by our side, we have really made a difference to our efforts by uplifting the standard of optometry nationwide through education and research. We have successfully established a reputation for being in the forefront of optometry education in Eastern India and it has created an avenue for potential students willing to study optometry.

Our four-year Bachelor in Optometry (B.Optom) degree is a competitive and intensive full-time programme, approved by UGC which has been designed to give students the academic and clinical knowledge with the latest infrastructure and best faculties available and they are rigorously trained to maintain the standard and high demands for the society. And our efforts are reflected in the large percentage of students who are pursuing higher education in universities in India and abroad. We are different from other institutes because we are purely a devoted optometry institute and are led by a team of experienced optometrists and vision scientists. I would sincerely like to thank our wellwishers who have supported us creating an institute where motivated students and dedicated faculties create a wonderful optometric atmosphere.

Debasish Kar, B.OPTOM, M.OPTOM