Library Services

VCOVS has excellent library facilities for the students & teachers, which include a vast collection of Indian & Foreign textbooks, reference books, journals etc. These good collections of books cater to the intellectual curiosity of the students & suffice their academic appetite.

The college also subscribes to the latest peer-reviewed journals, periodicals, newsletters and magazines with a continued vision to promote updated learning and research.


These are equipped with modern & latest instruments to provide excellent practical training to the students. It includes:

  • Optics Lab
  • Biomedical labs (General Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology & Pathology)
  • Optometric lab (Instrumentation lab, Clinical refraction lab, Dispensing lab, and Orthoptics lab)
  • Computer lab

Vidyasagar College of Optometry & Vision Science is a Unique and Dedicated Institution for learning and making Optometry a Career for Future. It is Proudly the First & The Most Trusted Optometry Institute in Eastern India. We are an Optometry-only Insitiute where we are both committed and focussed to provide the best possible education and clinical experience, in making competent and responsible optomettrists who can be the inspiration by being the torch bearers of the community and become the symbol of excellence. We invest in faculty, infrastructure, resources, and advocating for our profession.

IACLE Resource Centre

  • IACLE Contact Lens Resource consisting of IACLE Modules both text book & CD format, Case Reports, Image library etc.
  • RGPLI Resource consisting of CDs & DVDs related to RGP Contact lens materials, fitting, assessments, DVDs on Orthokeratology
  • ICEE/BHVI Resource including 9 modules related to basic anatomy physiology, refractive errors, accommodation, presbyopia, subjective refraction, binocular vision, PAL fitting techniques, troubleshooting, PAL case studies, Virtual Refractor CD, Models of eye, Spectacles Plano & PALs.

e-Learning Centre

IACLE Contact Lens Resource consisting of presentation, modules, case reports, image library etc. RGPLI Resource consisting of DVDs related to RGP contact lens materials, fitting, assessments, DVDs on orthokeratology, etc.

Students attend the online webex lectures conducted by IACLE & IVI.